Young at Heart, Bold in Action

Young at Heart, Bold in Action

Bridget: A young woman’s quest to improve the household income.

No mother would want the sight of her babies starving, being chased away from school or not getting the basic necessities of life. Like every other mother, Bridget did not wish this for her family either and she took bold steps in the right direction. Bridget’s husband is formally employed but his income alone could not sustain the family needs.  The Zimbabwean economy shrunk significantly after 2000, resulting in a desperate situation for most families especially those living in rural areas. Despite the prevailing economic conditions, Bridget, a 27-year-old woman from Domboshava is soaring like an eagle above the prevailing economic turmoil through poultry farming.

“You can see for yourself, we are a happy and healthy family”, confessed Bridget.

Bridgets success in poultry farming all started with her bold step in attending training workshops conducted by Help Germany. She attributes her success in poultry farming to the support services and aid from Help Germany and Partners for Integrated Growth and Development (pigad)  

She laments that “Without taking a bold step to actively participate in poultry egg production my babies would not be getting nutritious meals and all they need in life today”. From the sales of the eggs, she is sending her daughter to school and also contributed towards buying a family car.

Her husband has also been supporting her in many ways, he asserts that “All the success, I owe it to my wife”.  From the 30 point of lay birds she started the business with, in June 2015, today she boasts of a large flock comprising of 700 eleven weeks old layers and 150 active layers, her fowl runs have also been expanded. She picks approximately 4000 eggs per month for resale at a selling price of $8/crate.

Bridget has also diversified her business, she is also into tomato farming and is a member of an Internal Savings and Lending’s group (ISAL) a microfinance group for women, which has enabled her to invest and access loans.

Her children are young, but they also assist in picking eggs whilst her husband markets and sells the eggs in Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe. The farming as a family business concept has brought the family together and has also given Bridget a chance to shine brightly as the star she is.

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