Women enhanced in poultry business

Women enhanced in poultry business

Mrs Loice Ngwarati is a 30-year-old farmer married with 3 children, who live in Sekete village ward 17 of Marondera rural district in Mash East province. She joined the youth empowerment project in September 2019 implemented by pigad.

She was supported with subsidized 32 hyline point of lay birds, fowl run building material, feed and feeding trophies.

Mrs Ngwarati is managing her birds well applying all the technical knowledge and skills she received from pigad chicken management training. As a result of good management, the poultry business had improved her income levels. From the profits earned so far, she bought a 200-watt solar panel. She is investing her profits into buying a scotch cart so that he earns extra income from ferrying bulky vegetables to nearby markets for other farmers.

She has expanded her flock to 43 birds.

The community now relies on her for golden eggs as she is mainly selling at her farmgate.

Ngwarati said ‘I am so happy with the project because it had transformed my family life. The most interesting thing is that these chickens have taught us to do farming as a family business. My husband is so supportive in managing the chickens.’

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