ISAL groups still functional

ISAL groups still functional

Mukuyu farmer group of 10 people in Marondera, doubling as an ISAL (Internal Savings Lendings group) and marketing group have enjoyed the economies of scale through sharing the profits after every 6 months and securing a market for eggs at Chitungwiza Hospital.

The group has managed to continue supplying eggs to its market during this COVID-19 lockdown with the help of the Poultry Union and pigad who facilitated for the clearance from the Ministry of Agriculture, to continue operating in supplying eggs to market.

On Fridays, when they will be bulking their eggs for market, they have used that time to continue with their meetings where issues of importance are discussed. However, they have shortened their meeting time and observing necessary measures to protect themselves against COVID-19.

In order to cut transport cost of purchasing feed, the group liaised with private sector player  Octospin (a feed company)  to have its feed delivered at Londers shops (a shop nearby the group members), when the truck from Harare will be supplying poultry inputs to its hardware-based in Mahusekwa. This has also limited the movement of farmers to places of more than 5km from their homesteads during the lockdown.

The group has reaped the benefits of doing business as a group during the lockdown period.

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