Economic Freedom, Freedom for Women and Freedom from sharply defined Gender Roles

Economic Freedom, Freedom for Women and Freedom from sharply defined Gender Roles

Lizzies fight for social and economic freedoms for her girls

Lizzy a 37-year-old mother of five beautiful girls is keen on making the world a better place for her girls and women at large. Business space for women is constricted but this did not deter Lizzy to start poultry farming in her bid to betterment the life of her family.

In Lizzy’s hometown Domboshava, half the children aren’t getting an education they need especially girls due to many challenges. Lizzy started a poultry farming on the 14th of May 2015 in her bid to afford an education for her girls. She grasped the Farming as a Family Business and has been implementing it to fight gender roles and discrimination.

“Every girl child should be equipped to do any man’s job”, emphasized Lizzy as she narrated how she teaches her girls business practices and all sorts of roles the society deems as “manly” such as well scooping.

She started the business with 30 birds and her determination and hard work has seen her flock of layers chicken increase to 300to date. She picks approximately 2500 eggs per month and makes a net profit of $150/ month. This has enabled her to send her school going children to school, feed the family, take care of the families needs including those of his unemployed husband. With the proceeds from this business, she has diversified into buying and selling and makes use of the birds dropping to improve her crops.

“If I could give one gift to my girls, I would give them economic freedom and a chance to freely do all roles especially those subscribed as man’s roles”, emphasized Lizzy with a tone full of passion and determination.

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