Poultry Management Training

Our trainings make use of practical demonstrations, and group exercises (learning by doing). We provide a rich array of innovative educational tools, manuals and learning material for formal instruction and personal or group learning outside of formal school confinement, touching virtually every agro-farmer. pigad is working on an e-learning platform to offer different training units through a web application.  If you are interested or need any enquiries, contact us here.

Agronomic Training:

Poultry Production & Management (Egg & Meat)for:

The training content covers fowl run site selection, design, and layout, management practices & feeding (brooding phase, growers phase, laying phase),grading and quality control,layer vaccination,  bio-security, disease prevention  and  control.

Cereal Crop Production:

Training content include principles & benefits of comprehensive CA, inclusion of chicken manure (benefits & drawbacks), disease and pest control, post harvest techniques

Business and Financial Literacy Training :

Farming as Family Business (FaaFB)

Entrepreneurship, family business, business plan development, business finance and record keeping, business growth and expansion, business trend analysis, investment/disinvestment

Market linkages:

Markets and marketing, pricing strategy and policy, presentation of products, niche marketing, formal vs informal markets

Savings for Sustenance:

Savings concept overview, self-screening & selection, group formation and leadership, constitution/by-laws, fund development/investment, record keeping

Farmer Monitoring & technical advisory training

Farmer to Farmer Extension:

Poultry Production, business management, ICT based monitoring.

Group Development Training

Leadership and Group Dynamics:

Group formation, selection of leadership (principles of leadership and qualities), roles and responsibilities of leadership, conflict resolution techniques