Who We Are

pigad is a dynamic organisation which works with communities in urban, peri urban and rural areas empowering communities through relief, rehabilitation and development. pigad impacts through providing innovative livelihoods diversification technical skills for small holder farmers by providing innovative solutions.


Our Vision

pigad seeks to empower communities through relief, rehabilitation and development programs in urban, peri-urban and rural communities of Zimbabwe.

Our Mission

To mobilize communities to participate in identifying and promoting innovative livelihoods diversification mechanisms through trainings, provision of inputs, and effective monitoring as well as responding to emergencies.

Our Values

Our Cross Cutting Strategies

pigad identified five strategies that will cut across all projects in order to achieve its vision, mission and outcomes.

  1. Practical Interventions: working with and providing direct support to rights holders they work with particularly smallholder farmers in selected districts of the country.
  2. Strategic Interventions: advocating for changes to the broader environment (i.e., laws, policies, governance systems, institutions and structures) to the extent that they affect the rights holders they work with.
  3. Capacity Building: strengthening and supporting smallholder farmers to undertake their core business and also be a voice to able to advocate for their own issues.
  4. Mainstreaming: ensuring that gender equality and HIV and AIDS are mainstreamed throughout all pigad projects.